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637. Vivian HASKEW was born on Jan 28 1914 in Grove Hill, Alabama.

Dewey FINLEY was born in 1912 in Calera, Alabama. He died on Aug 13 1943 in Athens, Georgia. Vivian HASKEW and Dewey FINLEY had the following children:

child914 i. James Dewey FINLEY was born on Nov 3 1941 in Greenville, Alabama. He died on Aug 13 1963 in Grove Hill, Alabama.

She was married to William Edgar GORDON (son of Stephen Chapman GORDON and Myrtle COBB) in Nov 1940 in Demopolis, Alabama. William Edgar GORDON was born on Feb 9 1910 in Grove Hill, Alabama. He died on Aug 13 1966 in Birmingham, Alabama. He was buried in Grove Hill Cemetery, Grove Hill, Alabama. Vivian HASKEW and William Edgar GORDON had the following children:

child+777 i. William Stephen GORDON.
child+778 ii. Susan Clyde GORDON.
child+779 iii. John Cobb GORDON.

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