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549. Sarah Elizabeth COBB was born on May 24 1923 in Houston, Texas.

She was married to Jack Coskey GAINES on Jul 31 1943 in Corpus Christi, Texas. Sarah Elizabeth COBB and Jack Coskey GAINES had the following children:

child762 i. Helen Elizabeth GAINES was born on Aug 29 1944 in Houston, Texas.
child763 ii. Laura Allison GAINES was born on Feb 6 1946 in Houston, Texas.
child764 iii. Julia Estelle GAINES was born on Oct 15 1947 in Houston, Texas.
child765 iv. Mary Cecile GAINES was born on Sep 4 1952 in Colorado City, Texas.
child766 v. Jaqueline Adele GAINES was born on Sep 27 1955 in Midland, Texas.

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