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350. Lavinia Ellen RODGERS was born on Nov 4 1860 in Grove Hill, Alabama. She died on Jul 17 1915 in Texas.

She was married to Robert Benjamen THOMAS (son of David THOMAS and Eliza) in Dec 1882 in Grove Hill, Alabama. Lavinia Ellen RODGERS and Robert Benjamen THOMAS had the following children:

child529 i. Ruby THOMAS was born in McLennan Co., Texas.
child+530 ii. Eula Pearl THOMAS.
child531 iii. Herbert THOMAS was born in 1885 in McLennan Co., Texas. He died in 1988.
child532 iv. Alma THOMAS was born in 1887 in McLennan Co., Texas.
child+533 v. Susie THOMAS.
child+534 vi. Harry Lee THOMAS.
child+535 vii. Zeola Edith THOMAS.
child+536 viii. Alfred Harvey THOMAS.
child+537 ix. Robert Evans THOMAS.

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