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901. John David MCCABE was born on Jan 1 1954 in Fayette, Alabama. He was christened on May 2 1954 in Vernon Methodist Church; Vernon, Alabama. Received a Bachelor's Degree in Industrial Design on August 29, 1976 from Auburn University.

He was married to Marcia Anne MATHIS on Dec 27 1975 in Montgomery, Alabama. Marcia Anne MATHIS was born on Mar 30 1955 in Montgomery, Alabama. John David MCCABE and Marcia Anne MATHIS had the following children:

child1140 i. Anne Peyton MCCABE was born on Feb 11 1979 in Decatur, Georgia.
child1141 ii. John Warner MCCABE was born on Sep 7 1980 in Decatur, Georgia.
child1142 iii. David Cammack MCCABE was born on May 4 1983 in Montgomery, Alabama.

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