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164. Elisha Bradford LOTT was born on Oct 16 1819 in Lott's Ferry. He died in 1903 in Mobile, Alabama.

Mary Elizabeth SWAIN was born on Jan 20 1825 in Mobile, Alabama. Elisha Bradford LOTT and Mary Elizabeth SWAIN had the following children:

child+292 i. Azaline Elizabeth LOTT.
child+293 ii. Harriet Levicy LOTT.
child294 iii. Milton Caswell LOTT was born on Jan 13 1850. He died on May 10 1907.
child295 iv. Ann Eliza LOTT was born on Jan 22 1852. She died on Nov 1 1852.
child296 v. Minnie LOTT was born on Oct 29 1853. She died on Dec 17 1925.
child+297 vi. Lelia LOTT.
child298 vii. Jessie Douglas LOTT was born on Nov 28 1857.
child+299 viii. William Swain LOTT.
child+300 ix. Mary LOTT.
child301 x. Lula LOTT was born on Oct 30 1863. She died on Jan 5 1947.
child+302 xi. Robert Lee LOTT.

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