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20. Stephen BETTIS Sr. was born about 1763. He died on Jul 22 1824 in Monroe County, Alabama.

Delilah BURT (daughter of Moody BURT and Fanny) died in 1797. Stephen BETTIS Sr. and Delilah BURT had the following children:

child+46 i. Moody BETTIS.
child+47 ii. Stephen BETTIS Jr..
child+48 iii. William BETTIS.
child49 iv. Francis BETTIS.
child+50 v. Daughter BETTIS.
child51 vi. Daughter BETTIS.

He was married to Mary LOTT (daughter of Mark LOTT) in 1798. Mary LOTT was born about 1775 in Old Ninety-Six District, North Carolina. She died on Aug 27 1823 in Monroe County, Alabama. Stephen BETTIS Sr. and Mary LOTT had the following children:

child+52 i. Elijah Julius BETTIS.
child+53 ii. Elisha Lott BETTIS.
child54 iii. Sarah BETTIS was born on Jul 20 1802. She died on Apr 8 1804.

Mary PORTER died on Oct 15 1844. Stephen BETTIS Sr. and Mary PORTER had the following children:

child+55 i. Eliza Ann BETTIS.
child56 ii. John W. BETTIS was born on Mar 25 1813. He died on May 22 1827.
child57 iii. Benjamin Porter BETTIS was born on Mar 7 1817. He died on May 14 1827.
child58 iv. Willis J. BETTIS was born on Mar 11 1815. He died on May 30 1827.
child+59 v. Martha Emily BETTIS.
child60 vi. Stephen Francis BETTIS was born on Mar 13 1823. He died on Sep 19 1842.
child61 vii. Margaret BETTIS was born on Sep 10 1811. She died on Mar 2 1818.
child62 viii. Jesse C. BETTIS was born on Oct 15 1820. He died on Aug 18 1823.

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