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This is a history and genealogy of the Bettes/Bettis family beginning with John Bettes in about 1700. It is continually changing.

This genealogy and history is based, primarily, on a an unpublished book: "The Bettes, England to America" by Adele Cobb Kerrigan. Although it is unpublished, it can be found in a number of historical societies. Additional material was found in the book: "Clarke County, Alabama and Its Surroundings" by the Rev. T.H. Ball

The lineage of Jesse Richard Bettis was brought up to date by my brother, Mike Bettis, with additions by my sister, Judith Bettis Casimir.

David McCabe and Keith Domingue, descendants of Zachariah Lawrence Bettis, furnished much of the information on that line of the family.

My nephew, Allen C. Bettis, Jr., has been invaluable in searching the internet and acquiring information from a number of sources.

In essence, I am just putting together a lot of information that other people have furnished. I hope that "other people", like the visitors to this page, will continue to furnish information. I would like to continue adding descendants and ancestors as much as I can, with reasonable accuracy. Your input and/or comments are greatly appreciated and if I can share any information with you, I will gladly do so.

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